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Best Electronic DartBoards, 2019 | Guide and Reviews (and what to avoid)

Best Electronic DartBoard

A dartboard can elevate any room (or any man cave) to the next level. Imagine inviting your friends over for a few beers and a game of arrows, or releasing your tension by throwing the darts at the board.

Before you go out and buy one, we should talk about your options. There are many dartboards on the market but have you thought about an electronic dartboard?

They may seem like relics of the past, but modern electronic dartboards have improved technologically by leaps and bounds. The best ones can now keep score in a variety of games while maintaining the accuracy and feel of a traditional dartboard.

We have sifted through the muck to bring you some of the best ones out there. Ready to go? Then, let’s get started with our number one choice. 


Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard with NylonTough Segments for Improved Durability and Playability and Micro-thin Segment Dividers for ReducedBounce-outs

Why we like it:

This is an excellent dartboard to liven any party. Get a large group of friends together and play one of 39 games. Listen to those poor players being heckled, and join in with the cheers when a 180 is thrown.


This really is a nice dartboard. You will be the envy of your friends with this fantastic piece of technology. The dartboard can track up to eight players across 39 games and 179 variations. From classic dart games such as 301 and 501 to more obscure games like Football and Shove A Penny, you have enough here to keep the most avid dart fan entertained.

The technology of the board itself has been improved. The holes are better designed to keep your darts in place and reduce bounce back. The segments between the holes are also smaller . This prevents the darts hitting sections where they will bounce when they should stick. The NylonTough segments will also hold up over time to keep you playing for years.

One particularly interesting feature is the heckler options. With three levels, you can add some heckles to your games (when you or your friend’s play is poor) and some cheers (when you hit some top scores). 

Key Features

39 built-in games and 179 variations

NylonTough segments

Thin segment dividers

Up to 8 players

Automatic dart averaging

Heckler feature


Darts will not bounce out easily

Tough and long-lasting

Tracks scores for a variety of games

Gives dart averages to help you track your performance

Ranks players and stores information


Harder to set up than other electronic dartboards



Viper by GLD Products 800 Regulation Size Electronic Dartboard, Featuring 57 Game options for up to 16 players, Enhanced Scoring Experience with Ultra-Thin Spider, and Top Quality Segments to Reduce Bounce Outs, Black

Why we like it:

We like that there is the option to track up to 16 players. If you are looking for the perfect dartboard for a party or a gathering, then look no further.


With so many games at your disposal and options to cycle through, it can be easy to get lost in the multitude of variables. Viper has kept the user interface simple enough to be used by anyone. There are a few buttons to navigate but a few seconds to read them and you will see how obvious your choices are. After that, there will be no stopping you.

One of the critical features of this dartboard, and one which we especially like, is the color scheme and display. The red, black, and silver are not representative of the traditional dartboard colors, but that is not a bad thing. This electronic dartboard has a futuristic look which will fit well into a modern man cave. The option to display the included darts (or your own personalized darts) is also a great idea.

The LCD at the bottom of the unit finishes off the futuristic look. There is a lot of space for displaying stats but do not let that fool you. The display remains uncluttered (even when there are 16 players) and clear (you can see the numbers from as far back as your throw line). 

Key Features

Regulation size dartboard

Thin partitions for reduced bounce out

57 games and 302 variations

LCD score and statistic display

Stylish red, silver, and black color scheme

Darts included


Up to 16 player scores accommodated on each game

Reduced partitions mean darts will not bounce out easily

Will look great in your room

Dart holsters to store and display you darts

Easy and intuitive interface


Need to go online for instructions

Darts can be tough to get out of the board


Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard, Classic Cabinet Door Style, Target Test Tough Segments For Lasting Durability, Extended Spanish Cricket Scoreboard For 4 Players

Why we like it:

We like this electronic dartboard for large groups and parties but, more than that, we love how easy it is to get playing. With the option to select games with a few handy shortcut buttons, you will be sipping your beer and throwing your darts in no time.


We like dartboards which come with (or in) a cabinet. You do not want your man cave to become too cluttered, especially if you have a lot hanging on your walls. This dartboard with cabinet will allow you to close up your dartboard after you are done playing or leave it open to showcase the silver, black, and red color scheme.

This is another tremendous electronic dartboard for large groups. You have a number of games and varieties at your disposal, and enough power to track up to 16 players at one time. The LCD will show four scores at a time and in enough detail to be seen from behind the throw line.

The board also features one of the most simple control interfaces which we have encountered. The buttons are simple to understand, and you will be able to pick up and play with this board without having to look up the instructions in the manual. 

Key Features

Cabinet Dartboard

Dart holders

Bright LCD

57 games and 307 options

Thin partitions

Commercial-grade nylon construction


Cabinet allows for dart storage and board protection

Missed dart catch ring protects your wall

Regulation size board for a smooth transition

Thin nylon construction reduces bounce outs

Includes darts and adaptor


Heavier and needs more support



Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard, Built In Cabinet, Solo Play With Cyber Player, Dual Screen Scoreboard Display, Extended Catch Ring For Missed Darts, Classic Door Look Matches Traditional Décor

Why we like it:

We like this dartboard for large groups. This board with cabinet gives you a cheaper option than others on our list while still having a number of options to keep you occupied for hours.


One of the top reasons for buying this dartboard is for the solo play. Yes, you can have up to 8 players playing at one time, but the cyber play feature is great for practicing. Instead of throwing your darts over and over in a non-game situation, you get the option to play against the dartboard computer on one of five difficulty levels.

When your friends do come over, you will have the option of 38 games with 167 options. When you get playing, the LCD is easy to see from a distance and will show at a glance where each of the 8 players stands.

The interface is also easy to use. There are no cluttered buttons, and space is handled well. There are options to change the result of a dart should one bounce out and not be tracked by the board or eliminate a score if a variable was out of the computer’s control. 

Key Features

Cabinet dartboard

38 games and 167 options

Cyber play with multiple skill levels

6 darts included with storage options

Adaptor included


The sturdy cabinet can store up to four sets of darts

Up to 8 players can play simultaneously

LCD is easy to read and understand

Spare tips included to replace damaged ones

Ultra-thin partitions reduce bounce outs

Cyber play option helps improve your skill when playing solo


Cabinet not as luxurious as others

Fewer game options


INNOCHEER Safety Darts and Kids Dart Board Set - 16 Inch Rubber Dart Board with 9 Soft Tip Darts for Children and Adults, Office and Family Time (New Black)

Why we like it:

This is an excellent dartboard for kids or adults starting out. Hang it up quickly, grab a beer and a few buddies, and get playing.


The best way to get kids interested in a sport is to get them playing when they are young. This dartboard is perfect for that. The dartboard is easy to use, with darts sticking in the holes and holding firm, but also easy to remove when you have thrown your arrows. This dartboard may be simple, but you should not let that fool you. The board is great for kids but also makes a perfect addition to a man cave or office. You do not have to spend much money on this board, and you still get to have a ton of fun.

The only downside is that you are going to have to track your own score. This is excellent news for children who need to work on their math skills and, let’s face it, adults too. As long as you know how to play a game, you can have as many friends around as you like and track your own scores. One of the features of this board is that you are not limited to 8 or 16 friends at one time. If you want to play a game with fifty people, you can do that.

This board may not have all the bells and whistles of the other boards on the list, but it will still get the job done. It will also protect your furniture, walls, pets, and other humans. 

Key Features

Full-size 16-inch dart board

Can be mounted on a tabletop or wall

Nine soft rubber-tip darts included

Light and unobtrusive

Color-coded doubles, triples, and bull

Safe for children


Can be installed almost anywhere

Rubber darts are safe for children

Darts are easily removed from the board after throws

Helps children to improve coordination and accuracy

Rubber tips protect walls and furniture


Does not track score

Not electronic


Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard, Easy To Use Button Interface, Automatic Voice Feedback, Included Darts And Built In Storage, Mulitplayer For Up To 8 Players, 43 Games 201 Options

Why we like it:

We like this dartboard for older children. It has enough features to keep teenagers busy and provides enough quality to keep them interested.


This is a great starter electronic dartboard if you are not sure about how much you are going to play. There are 43 games to try, and you can play your own games without the scoring feature if you wish. With the board being so inexpensive, it is a great present for children or a cheap addition to your man cave if you are not going to be playing a lot of darts.

The soft-tip darts come with 24 extra tips. Over time, tips will break (either through wear or accidents). The included replacement tips will ensure that you are never left without enough darts to throw at the board.

The segments are robust and forged from polymer compounds. The holes are tight enough to keep the darts lodged while the partitions are thin enough to prevent bounce outs. The same is true for the spider. It has been kept thin to minimize the risk of the darts bouncing from the board only to land on the floor. 

Key Features

Up to 8 players

43 games and 201 options

Includes soft-tip darts

13” target face

Comes with 24 extra tips

Manual included


Soft-tip dart protect the board, walls, furniture, and people

The electronic board will track scores of up to 8 people

Enough games and options to keep you occupied for hours

Easy to set up and use

Intuitive interface for quick starts


Requires batteries

Lower quality than other electronic dartboards

Can I use steel tipped darts on an electronic board?

The short answer is no, you cannot use steel tipped darts on an electronic dart board.