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Best Steel Tip Darts in 2019 | Guide and Reviews (and what to avoid)

Best Steel Tip Darts

The best darts players in the world use the best darts in the world. It does not matter which dart board you use; your aim is not going to be improved by it alone.

You may have boards which hold the darts better or give you more room in the trebles for darts to sit, but it is the darts which will determine how good you can become.

The best darts in the world have tips sharp enough to penetrate a sisal fiber (or any other type of dart board) without damaging it. They have flights which will help to keep your darts accurate. They are durable and comfortable. They will become an extension of your hand.

We are looking at the best steel tip darts which we could find. These darts can be used with all sisal fiberboards, some electronic dart boards, and others. These are the darts which we found to give the highest accuracy and improve overall scores (and ease the burden on your backboard...)

Below the table is our list, starting with our number one. 


Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case, 22 Grams

Why we like it:

These are professional darts. Novices are going to find a lot to like about these darts, and professionals are going to see an improvement in their game when they use these darts.


We love these darts, especially the rotating flights on impact. When you throw your dart, and it hits the board, the flights will continue to spin the dart, making it dig in deeper or spin past any wiring or other darts it may have come into contact with. This results in fewer bounce outs and a more consistent score. Over time, your scores will naturally be higher without you having to change your game at all.

Talking of rotating, the locking holes on the shafts allow you to rotate the shaft onto the barrel for a tight fit which will not come loose when your darts are thrown. A shaft and barrel which are not tight can cause the dart to move in the air. With a locked dart, you are ensured of a perfect flight every time.

The grips also add to your consistency and accuracy when the darts are in flight. The knurled vends and deep grooves allow your fingers to find the same position on the dart every time you throw it. By throwing the dart from the same place each time, you are throwing with consistency and can improve your accuracy over time. These darts are going to improve your scores. 

Key Features

95% Tungsten

5% Nickel barrels

Choice of weight

Knurled grips

Locking holes

Aluminum case


Grips give better consistency and accuracy

Barrels fit tightly

Carry case protects darts and flights

Darts spin on impact to prevent bounce outs

Excellent balance

Slim profile




CUESOUL 30 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 95% Tungsten with Luxury Case

Why we like it:

These are great darts for novices and professionals. They are sleek and slim, giving more grouping for higher scores. They are also heavier than most darts, but still, have a lot of control and accuracy.


If you like heavier darts, then these are the ones for you. They may take a little getting used to if you are not used to throwing heavier darts but they can do wonders for your accuracy, and they prevent many bounce outs. With 95% Tungsten, you know that you are getting a quality barrel which is going to hold up over time.

The eleven hand-painted grooved rings in the barrel not only look great but give a lot of functionality. They provide great balance which translates into a more even flight, and they also add consistency to your throws. As you throw, time and time again, your fingers will lock onto a specific part of the barrel allowing you to throw from the same position, again and again, hitting the board with more accuracy.

The barrels are center-weighted. This means that you get a better and more consistent flight when you release the dart. The darts are also easier to control, even with the extra weight. We like that this darts set comes with a lot of extras. You get six shafts, three flights, three bonus alloy flights, a point sharpener, and a dart tool for tightening. All of these are then stored in a neat aluminum case which will protect everything. 

Key Features

95% Tungsten

Knurled and grooved grip

Anodized aluminum shaft

Choice of weight

Extra shafts, tips, and flights included


Slim profile promotes better dart grouping

Bands and grooves help with grip stability

Aluminum shafts are durable and tough

Flights increase speed and accuracy

Point sharpener for fixing points

Carry case to protect darts


Flights could be better quality


CUESOUL Swift Series 24g Super Slim Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set

Why we like it:

We like how accessible these darts are. They are for novices and professionals alike. When you throw the darts, you will not only like how they feel, but you will also be surprised by the quality of the flight and your improved scores.


These are great looking darts. From the Tungsten barrels to the eye-catching flights, these darts look professional. They act professionally too. The barrels are 98% Tungsten making them sturdy and durable. The grooved Tungsten barrel also means better grip.

When you throw the darts, they will leave your hands in a balanced and stable manner, flying towards the board without moving away from where you threw them. The flights are high-quality too and will keep your dart on a true path as it flies towards the board. When it hits the board, the steel tips will dig in and hold, preventing bounce outs.

You get three extra flights with this set, along with three extra shafts. A sharpening tool and a flight saver will keep your darts in tip-top shape for a long time, and the carry case will protect them, no matter where you go.

Key Features

Choice of color

Choice of weights

98% Tungsten

Unique design

Extras included



Better grip gives a more consistent flight

Extras mean that you can repair damage

Stable and balanced

Eye-catching and beautiful

Carry case protects darts



Plastic shafts


Fat Cat Predator 80% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case, 23 Grams

Why we like it:

You have lots of extra flights and shafts. These darts are built to last but, should something happen to the darts; you have all the tools at your disposal to fix them.


We love the flights on these darts. With the wolf image, you can look, and feel, as if you mean business. The 80% Tungsten and 20% nickel in the barrels give you a balanced and consistent shot. The grooves in the barrel further this by giving you a consistent grip before you release each dart. The profile of each dart is slim, giving you better grouping and higher scores.

When you lock the shaft to the barrel, you ensure that they are not going to come loose and shake as the dart is thrown. Even bounce outs which hit the floor are not going to dislodge the shafts from the barrel. 

Key Features

80% Tungsten

20% Nickel

Knurled barrels

Locking holes

Includes additional flights

23 grams


Thinner profile means better grouping

Easy storage and transport with carrying case

Shafts can be tightened, so they do not loosen

Better grip means better control over the flight




No color choice


CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts Set - 6 x 22g Brass Barrels with 12 Flights Standard/Slim, 12 Aluminum Shafts 35/48mm, 12 O-Rings, Dart Tool, Dart Sharpener and Case (Black & Gold)

Why we like it:

These are great darts for beginners. If you do not yet know what darts works best for you, then this is a great set for you to be able to try out a lot of combinations before moving up to a more professional set.


This is a darts set for those who do not yet know what darts are for them. With this darts set, you can switch out multiple flights, shafts, barrels, and points to find the perfect setup for you. You can switch between heavy and light darts or long and short darts. Everything is customizable until you get the darts which are giving you the best performance possible.

The flights come in different designs and also different shapes. The combinations are almost endless (but, of course, they do have their limits). We like the addition of rubber o-rings to help keep the shafts in place when you attach them to the barrels. We also love that you have a dart sharpener to keep your darts sharp and a multi-tool to take the darts apart and put them back together again — a great set of darts or experimenting with. 

Key Features

Six darts

Combinations of barrel, flight, and shaft


22 grams



Finds that perfect combination

Dart sharpener to keep darts sharp

Multi-use tool for putting darts together


Not high-quality darts


IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set - Professional Darts with Aluminum Shafts, Rubber O'Rings, and Extra Flights + Dart Sharpener + Innovative Case + Darts Guide (20g Black Furry)

Why we like it:

This is an excellent set for beginner or intermediate players. You will learn a lot from the book, and the darts have enough quality for you to improve your game through practice.


​You get two sets of darts when you buy this set, so already you have enough for two players to play. The darts have been expertly crafted to bring you a great compromise between value and professionalism. The points are impact resistant, being able to stick in the dartboard with reduced bounce outs and protection against damage. The dart sharpener will also help to keep the tips sharp and improve on the piercing ability of the darts.

The innovative carry case has a magnetic closure and cushioning on the inside to protect and cradle your darts. You also get a free book with your purchase which will detail different ways you can play and tips for improving your game.

Key Features

20 gram

Dart sharpener

Comes with case

Rubber o-rings

Book included


Sharp darts mean fewer bounce outs

The book helps to reinforce your play

Lifetime warranty

Custom box protects darts

Great for beginners



Not high-quality


Whimlets Steel Tip Darts Set - Professional Darts Steel Tip for Dartboard with Brass Barrels and Extra Aluminum Shafts, O-Rings, Flights + Dart Tool and Sharpener + Gift Case

Why we like it:

We love this set as a gift for anyone who is just starting out with darts. Pair it with a board for a complete set or to accompany a board which comes with beginner darts.


This set is perfect for beginners. You get two sets of darts, so you are ready to play with a friend as soon as they arrive. You also get everything you need to keep your darts in excellent condition. The multi-tool, shaped like a mini dartboard is cute and useful, the sharpening stone will have your darts sharp in only a couple of minutes, the extra flights allow you to customize your set, and the carry case holds your darts perfectly.

We like the addition of a free ebook (anything free is great, in our opinion). Playing darts is a great way to learn, but a little nudge in the right direction (like you will get from the book) can only make you a better player. 

Key Features

Includes 6 darts

Unbreakable barrels

Includes dart sharpener

Carry case included

Free Ebook


Perfect grip gives a better shot


12 flights for a customized dart

Case protects the darts in transit

Ebook teaches you darts games and tips

Great as a gift


Darts are not high-quality


RAYNA GAMES Professional Steel Tip Darts Set with GlFT Accessories Case - Throwing Darts with Adjustable Length - 6 Brass Barrels 20 Grams + 12 Aluminum Shafts 2 Sizes + 12 Flights + Dart Sharpener

Why we like it:

Great for beginner and intermediate players who are looking for some customization. Would also make an excellent gift for a dart player who is starting out.


This is a great set if you like to customize your darts. You get six unbreakable brass barrels which can be combined with twelve distinct flights, twelve shafts, and o-rings to keep everything together. Everything is then contained inside a neat carry case for easy transportation and protection.

The weight of each barrel is balanced finely. When you hold the darts in your hands, they will just feel right. They have the kind of quality feel that you expect from a more expensive dart. The flights also give you great stability; stability which you would again expect from a much more expensive dart set. 

Key Features

6 barrels

12 shafts

12 flights

12 o-rings


Free Ebook


Professional guidance has given a truer flight

Sharp tip reduces bounce outs

Professional flights increase accuracy

Burling on grip enhances release of dart

Lots of customization available


No weight choices

Flights could be designed better


UZOPI 15 Packs Steel Tip Darts 18 Grams with Dart Sharpener and 3 Extra Flights, Aluminum Shafts & Brass Barrels, Levels in Every Rec Room, Man Cave, Bar and Game Room

Why we like it:

This is a perfect set for a large group of people. Get four of your friends together, and you will have a design for everyone. The darts are affordable but still give you enough quality for an exciting tournament or competition.


This is a great darts set for a group of friends or a family. The barrels and shafts all look the same with the flights being the difference between them. With such a varied design on the flights, you are sure to find a dart set which everyone likes.

When you are putting the darts together, you will notice an o-ring which sits between the shaft and the barrel. This o-ring helps to keep the darts together so that there is no wobble when you throw them. There is enough knurling on each shaft to give you an excellent grip, translating to a great release. The flights have also been designed to improve the speed of your dart through the air while maintaining accuracy and decreasing the drag

Key Features

For all skill levels

Stable flight

15 darts included

Bonus flights

Dart sharpener


Can be used in a large group of friends

Flights enhance speed and reduce drag

Bonus flights can replace damaged flights

Dart sharpener keeps darts sharp

Sharp darts reduce bounce outs

Variety of looks and styles


Darts could be better quality


Wolftop 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts 23 Grams, Professional Darts Set with Aluminum Shafts + 4 Style Standard Flights + Rubber O'Rings + Extra Dart Sharpener

Why we like it:

We like that you can use this set to play in large groups or tournaments. The set is also affordable enough to buy the set for yourself and have backups to your main set.


This is a great set for groups of friends or a family. The four distinct colors make it easy to organize a tournament and keep track of who is scoring. The darts come with a strong steel barrel, durable aluminum shafts, and stylish colored flights. There is also a dart sharpener included to keep your darts in sharpened condition and prevent bounce outs.

Each dart is a balanced 23 grams and has grooves on the barrel to give you a better grip and more consistent release, leading to higher and more consistent scores. 

Key Features

12 darts

Steel barrels

23 grams

Grooved grips

Storage jar


Great for groups

Grooved grips give a better release

Four colors for tournament play

Safe storage and transport

Dart sharpener helps avoid bounce outs


Could be higher quality


Ohuhu 12 Pcs Tip Darts with National Flag Flights (4 Styles) - Stainless Steel Needle Tip Dart with 3 Free PVC Dart Rods

Why we like it:

Great for beginners and groups. If you are organizing a large tournament, you can order the 24-pack and have enough darts for everyone to get a set. The flag flights make it a great set if you want to show your national pride.


If you are from one of the countries featured on the flights or have friends from one of the countries, then this would make a great gift (for you or another). We like how these darts look and love the option to choose either the 12-pack or the 24-pack.

Being 17 grams, these darts are also great for beginners. The darts are easier to throw and stick in the board well. Over time, that will lead to more success for beginners before they move up to more professional darts.

Key Features

12 or 24 pack

Flag flights

Stainless steel tips

Copper-Covered barrels

17 grams

Skid-proof grain


Better grip gives better release

Flag flights are whimsical and fun

Lighter dart is great for beginners

Extra rods to repair broken ones



Could be higher quality

Limited replacement flights

Can I use steel tip darts for an electronic board?

The short answer is no, you cannot. You should instead use soft tip darts for an electronic dartboard.