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The Definitive Guide to Ping Pong

The Definitive Guide to Ping Pong

The Ultimate Guide to Ping Pong

Playing a long ball in ping pong against your friend, only to end with a perfect strike from you...

That equals one fantastic felling.

In this guide, we'll cover everything from different types of table tennis games to advanced strategies for beating your friends.

So whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting out, we're sure you find some new information below.

So, without further ado let's get started.

Table Tennis

Contents (links to all sections)

How To Play Ping Pong

So, you want to learn table tennis? How hard can it be? I mean, you just hit a ball back and forth with a small paddle. The net is so short that it must be terribly easy to hit it over.

Sure, the table is small, but the ball is small too. You are probably standing there (or sitting there) and reading these words in your mind, and thinking, I bet that I could.

Well, I am here to tell you that you are right. You can be playing amazing shots in no time, and I am here to show you how.

Now, before we get started, I have to convey to you the most important rule in the game of table tennis. Are you ready for it?

Have fun!


​Getting Started with Table Tennis

Table tennis is a fun game, and you should have fun playing it. If you are not having fun, then you are doing something wrong. Quit being so serious and enjoy what you are doing.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we can get down to the details. If you are here, then you are either a novice player wanting to learn about the game or an intermediate player who wants to improve their game.

I have some good news for you.

Ping Pong

The game of table tennis can be learned in 50 hours. Yes, just 50 hours. How long to master it? Well, that is a different conversation entirely.

When I set out to write this guide, I wanted to create something which was succinct and effective. From our feedback so far, we know that it works. If you follow the guides and tips in this book, then you are going to learn how to play.

How good you become is entirely up to you.

​Mastering The Basics

Getting the basics right is the key to a well-oiled game 

You have to walk before you can run. That is exactly what we are going to do in this guide. Forget about matchplay, serving, adding spin, and any expert or crazy shots which you may have seen on TV.

Definitely no backflips when you are taking your shot.

Before we even hit a shot, we are going to talk a little about grip, stance, and footwork. This may sound a little boring but stick with me, and you will be hitting balls expertly in no time (or novice-ly, at least). 

​Getting To Grips With Your Grip (I hope I haven’t used that pun before)

There are two main grips in table tennis:

Try it. Pick up a paddle (you should have one, hopefully) and grip it in whatever manner feels most natural. Do you hold it as if you were shaking hands with someone or like you are holding a pen? Go with that grip.

The penhold grip is difficult to learn but does allow for more wrist movement which converts to more spin in your shots. This type of grip is declining in the table tennis world but is still used by some players (especially in Asia).

Penhold grip

The penhold grip in action

The handshake grip is more common and easier to master. If you are in doubt, then I would recommend this type of grip. It gives you enough control over your shots and is used by most professional players in the world.

Top tips for a handshake grip:

Keep your hands soft and firm. Imagine shaking hands with a person who you want to impress. You want to be firm but not crush their hand.
Find your own version. The handshake is the starting point. The grip which brings you the most comfort while still being able to control your shot is the best grip for you.

Ping Pong Handshake Grip

The handshake grip in action

Take a bat and a ball and bounce the ball up and down a few times. Bounce the ball on a table. Hit the ball a few times. What feels most comfortable? That is your grip.

Great, we have gotten to grips with our grip. We are one step closer to playing an actual game. 

​Taking A Stance For Success

You know how to hold the paddle, you now need to know how to hold your body.

This part is going to be easy, and that is because of you. You are eager to learn. You are ready to learn. You are willing to learn. Let’s get going.

Now, don’t worry, we are going to get to hitting the ball soon. I want you to have the foundations in place before we build the next levels of a great ping pong player.

We want to start with the correct stance from the beginning so that you are not learning any bad habits. Bad habits are hard to break. Good habits are easy to keep.

Here we go. Here are the two key parts of your stance:

  • Keep your body low
  • Keep your feet 1.5 shoulder widths apart.

You should be facing the table. Your knees should also be a little bent. If you are right-handed, then your left foot should be a little more forward than you right. If you are left-handed, then the opposite should be true. Bend forward a little and keep your weight on the balls of your feet. Both hands should be out in front of you.

Great, you are ready to do some work.

Finding the correct stance and balance is key in table tennis

Now, when I first started playing table tennis, I did not use the correct stance for months. When I did, I found myself to be clumsy and awkward. When I finally got it, I was instantly a better player. Start by getting things right, and you can focus on actually playing the game.

This stance will take a little work. You are going to expend more energy moving around in this position, but that is going to build your strength.

When you are in this stance, your lower body will be more engaged and tense; your upper body should be kept loose.

Your core should be solid, and your center of gravity should be low. Breathe from your belly to keep yourself centered and relaxed.

Practice hitting a ball against a surface and moving around in this stance. It may seem a little weird at first, but it is worth it, trust me. 

​Your Victory Dance: How To Master Footwork

Get ready for the accolades!

One more thing and we can start to think about the game itself.

You can hold your paddle, and you can hold your body, but how about your footwork. Table tennis footwork is a lot like dancing or swordplay. You need to be fast and ready to strike. Just like a sword will come at you quickly, the ping pong ball will too.

You do not have a lot of time to react, so you need to be quick on your feet.

Don’t worry; everyone can be quick on their feet. All it takes is a little practice.

The great thing about table tennis is that you do not need to move your feet very far between each shot.

Here is a great drill: find a table tennis table (or any table) and move around it in a complete circle, only moving sideways. Switch direction and do the same. Go back and forth as many times as you can. Keep an eye on your body position and grip a paddle as you move.

Stand in position behind the table and move sideways as far as you can in one step. Now, step the opposite way. Explode back and forth as fast as you can.

Try to perform these two drills before each game as a warm-up.

Your footwork is very important, so I recommend these two drills be performed as much as possible. The faster your footwork, the better a player you will be (and dancer (and swords-person)). 

​Can I Play Already?

There you have it, the three most important fundamentals of ping pong. It may be a little dull to practice so much without really hitting a ball or playing a game, but these fundamentals are the building blocks of the game.

Take the time to practice each, and you will become a better player before you even play. 

Ping Pong Rules

You are right, ping pong rules!

And here we will look into the actual rules of the game. Because, I mean, how can you play the game if you do not know the basic rules?

Don’t worry; we are going to start playing really soon, just bear with me.

ping pong rules

​What Is The Object Of The Game?

To reach 11 points before your opponent does. It is as simple as that. 

Well, not quite as simple. 

You also need to beat your opponent by at least 2 points. 

If you reach 11 points and your opponent has less than 10, then you have won the game. If you reach 11 points and your opponent has 10, then play continues until one player has a 2 point advantage. You could win 12-10, 15-13, or even 27-25. 

As long as you have a 2 point advantage and at least 11 points, then you win. 

To win the match, you need to win a predetermined number of games (agreed upon before starting the match). 

To score a point, you need to outmaneuver your opponent. If your opponent misses the ball, hits the ball but it does not hit the table on your side or hits the ball into the net, then you score a point.

You can also score a point if your opponent does not serve the ball correctly, and does any of the above. We will talk about that more in our serve section. 

​Table Tennis Fundamentals

The game of ping pong is officially played between two players (singles) or four players (doubles). If you are playing informally, you can play with as many players on each side as you wish.

To play, you need a table (the clue is in the name: table tennis). You also need a ball, a net, and two paddles (four if you are playing doubles). You can play indoor or outdoor.

Officially, the ball is white and 40mm in diameter. The ball also weighs in at 2.7g. If you buy any balls or sets from a sporting goods store, you can be assured that you are likely getting a ball of this size and weight. If you buy a cheap set, then you may not.

The paddles, or rackets, or bats, are generally red on one side and black on the other.

Both sides of the ping pong paddles

A full-sized table is 9’ long, 30” tall, and 5’ wide. Most table tennis tables are either green or blue. A net is usually included and is 6” tall, bisecting the table in the middle.

You get what you pay for. I always recommend buying quality equipment. It does not matter if you are a novice or a professional, get the right equipment and start on the right foot. That does not mean having to buy the most expensive equipment. Shop around, and you will find what you are looking for. 

​How does Scoring Work?

Let’s start at the beginning. A point can be won or lost on the serve.

When you serve, the ball must bounce on the server’s side of the table, clear the net, and then bounce on the opponent’s side of the table. If it hits the net, does not bounce on both sides of the table, or misses the table completely, then the opponent gets a point. If the ball hits the net but still goes over, then it is a ‘let’ and the server re-serves the ball.

Volleys are not allowed. If a player hits the ball before it bounces, their opponent gains a point.

If the ball bounces legally and the player misses the ball, their opponent gains a point.

If a player hits the ball and it misses the table or hits the net and does not go over, their opponent gains a point (edges of the table count as the ball being in, the sides do not). 

​Additional Table Tennis Rules

The first player to 11 points wins the game. A match is a pre-agreed number of games. The best of 5, 7, or 9 is common. This means the first player to win 3, 4, or 5 games would win the match.

Tossing a coin will determine who serves first (or some other random chance method).

Each player serves twice before the other player takes their turn.

A player must win by 2 points. If you reach 11 points but are not 2 points ahead, play continues until one player has a 2-point advantage. 

After each game, the players swap ends.

In a deciding game, players switch ends after every 5 points. 

Hitting The Ball

We are finally here. Well done so far on all of your hard work. Now the fun begins (I mean more fun. It has been all fun up to here, right?).

We are going to learn the four basic strokes: forehand drive, backhand drive, forehand push, and backhand push.

Ready to get started? Let’s go. 

​Forehand Drive: Your Go-To Shot

The Forehand Drive is the Brad & Butter shot of ping pong

You will use the forehand drive a lot when you are starting out. It is one of the four most common beginner strokes. It is easy to learn, and you are going to be hitting shots with it in no time.

Top tip: If you have a table tennis table (or access to one) which can fold up on one side, then you can practice shots by yourself. Fold the table into position and practice each shot after reading a description of it.

The forehand shot is broken down into four parts: stance, backswing, strike, and finish.

Let’s walk through each one.

Stance: Well, you already have this. You read about stance and practiced it. Well done, you. Move onto the next step.

Backswing: The ball is coming to you. You need to have a backswing to generate the speed. Rotate your body to the side of your dominant hand. Shift your weight onto the back of your feet. Stay in your practiced stance.

Strike: Reverse your backswing. Rotate your body forwards and move the paddle towards the ball. Transfer your weight to the front of your feet. Keep the bat angled downwards slightly to direct it. There should be a small gap between your elbow and body. Hit the ball at the peak of its bounce. As you hit it, flick your wrist to add more power.

Finish: In other games, you want to follow through. Table tennis is a little different. Finish with your bat in front of your face. Make sure to get back into a neutral position for the return of the ball.

Easy, right? Why don’t you get out there and try it? Do not read on just yet. Find a table and practice your forehand drive. When you come back, we will move onto the backhand drive. 

​Backhand Drive: Adding To Your Bread & Butter Shots


It's easier to slip up the backhand

Again, I have broken down this shot into four parts: stance, backswing, strike, and finish. As you have practiced your forehand swing, you will find it extremely easy to get to grips with this shot. It is essentially a mirror image of the forehand drive, with a few small tweaks.

Stance: Hey, you have this. Find your practiced stance.

Backswing: This time, instead of rotating your body, you are going to stay facing the table and bring your paddle towards your hip on the opposite side of your body. The bat should be angled down slightly.

Strike: Use your elbow to bring the bat up towards the ball. Your shoulder should not move much if at all. Hit the ball without any flick of your wrist, and at the peak of its bounce.

Finish: The bat should stop in front of your face. Your arm should be slightly bent. After the shot, return to a neutral position so that you are ready for the next shot.

Okay, off we go again. Find a table which folds in the middle and practice your backhand drive. Try to switch between forehand and backhand. 

​Backhand Push: The Easy Shot

How you feel before the backhand push

Once you have practiced the backhand drive a few times, it is a perfect opportunity to add the backhand push. This shot is about recovery and not power. You want to return the ball and take the pace out of it. Let’s look at the four components.

Stance: You know what to do.

Backswing: The bat will be open this time. Angled at 45 degrees and facing upwards. Bend your elbow to bring the bat back to your chest on the opposite side of your body.

Strike: push the bat forward and downwards. You should be using your elbow to generate the movement. You want to hit the ball on the back and near the bottom. You want to make contact at the peak of the bounce. You should slice the ball and not scoop it.

Finish: The bat should finish in front of you. After that, return to a neutral position for the next shot.

You know what I am going to say. Get out there and practice this shot too. 

​Forehand Push: The Tough Shot

Actual footage before trying the forehand push

A shot where you are trying to control the ball and take some of the pace out of it. You want to hit the ball gently and long so you can recover and get in position for the next shot.

This shot feels awkward at first and is the most difficult of the basic four shots. Let’s take a look.

Stance: You’ve got this!

Backswing: Bring your arm back and swivel your body as you would for the forehand drive, but do not twist as much. You want to control the ball with a softer shot and need less power. Keep the bat open at 45 degrees and facing upwards. The gap between your elbow and body should be small.

Strike: Twist your body forward to add a little power to your shot. Keep your hands soft and slice the ball back towards your opponent. Try to play the ball as far down the table as you can.

Finish: The bat should stop in front of you. After the shot, return to your regular position and wait for the next shot.

This is the most difficult of the four basic shots to take the time to practice this one.

Add the forehand push into your repertoire and practice moving between all four shots as the ball comes back to you, either from a folded table or an opponent.

If you are following my tips, you will be playing these shots in no time.

Mastering The Ping Pong Serve

You have been mastering your basic shots but how can you play a game if you do not know how to start a game?

Every game of table tennis begins with a serve. The serve is an easy shot to play, but there are some finicky rules which you should be aware of before you try it.

Don’t worry though, follow the rules, practice your shot, and you will gain the upper hand every time you play. 

ping pong serve

What Are The Serve Rules?

Your serve starts with the ball resting freely on the palm of your hand. Keep your hand open and relaxed. Don’t cup your hand; let the ball rest on your palm and not your fingers.

Next, you have to toss the ball upwards with no spin and let it fall before you hit it. The ball should rise six inches into the air. You can hit the ball at any time during the descent.

You should strike the ball so that it hits your side of the table first, bounces over the net, and hits your opponent’s side of the table. If you are playing doubles, the ball has to strike the right side of the table on your side and the right side of your opponent’s side (from their point of view).

If the ball hits your side of the table, touches the net, and hits your opponent’s side, then it is 'let,' and you serve again.

There are a few more rules, but they mainly deal with your opponent and the umpire being able to see the ball the entire time of the serve.

There, boring rules are out of the way. Let’s take a look at how you can better serve the ball. 

​Top Tips For Your Serve: How To Start With The Upper Hand

Here are my top five tips for a better service. Try some or try them all, and benefit from starting each service with the upper hand against your opponent.

Keep the ball low: The lower the ball, the less chance your opponent has of playing an attacking shot. High bounces give your opponent the perfect opportunity for a smash. Try to serve so that the ball only just clears the net.

Vary your serve: If you serve with the same shot over and over, your opponent is going to be able to perfect their return. Vary your speed, location, and spin. Try some long serves and some short ones; move between fast serves and slow serves; as you learn spin, vary the type of spin you add to the ball.

Anticipate: Just because you hit an amazing serve, it does not mean that an amazing shot is not going to come back over the net. Whenever you serve, always expect the return. You should also monitor the types of return. Does your opponent favor a certain return? Be ready for that.

Use what works: If an opponent is struggling with a certain serve, then keep using it. Use what gives you the win. If they start to return the ball well, then mix up your serve again.

Do not give hints: Often, you can give away your serve by the position you take. Try not to allow your opponent to know what is coming next. Think about your position before each serve and try to mix that up as much as you mix up your actual serve.

Serving is an easy shot to learn but a hard shot to master. The only way to become adept at serving is to get out there and practice. 

Our Top Tips for Mastering Table Tennis

Now that you have mastered the basic game, it is time to step it up a notch. I am sure that you have been out there, practicing hard. The more you practice, the better you will get. If you are following the basics, then your game can only get better.

No bad habits make a good player.

Good habits make a great player.

So, now that you are a good player, it is time to take the next step into greatness.

Here are our top tips to improve your game. 

How to Know Your (and your opponents) Spin

Depiction of the illusive 360 degree spin

When the ball comes back to you, it can be almost impossible to know what spin is on it until it bounces on the table. By that time, it can be too late.

There is a way to gain some insight into what spin is on the ball, and that is to watch your opponent’s paddle as they hit the ball.

If the racket moves from low to high, there is likely some topspin on the ball.

If the racket moves from high to low, it is an indicator that some backspin has been added.

A movement from left to right is an indicator of right sidespin.

Finally, a movement from right to left means that there is probably some left sidespin on the ball. 

​How To Deal With Spin

Once you can start to predict the type of spin on the ball, you can plan your return. If you know what spin is on the ball, then you have a better chance of hitting it but, that does not mean you will hit it well.

Here are my tried and tested methods for dealing with spin.

Topspin: Angle your racket downward and hit the ball above center.
Backspin: Angle your racket up and hit the ball below center.
Rightspin: Angle your racket slightly to hit the ball to the left of center.
Leftspin: Angle you racket slightly to hit the ball right of center.

The more you play, the better you will get at dealing with spin. 

​Generating Power With Your Body

Supercharge your shot with your body

When you are hitting your shots, especially your drives, the power comes from your arm, but there should also be some power generated by your body too. This will add force and consistency to your shots.

When you are playing your shots, swivel with your body but also transfer your weight from the back of your feet to your front. This transference of weight will add more power to your shots. 

​Stay In Position

Whenever you start a game, you should find your stance. Stand at the center of the table with your practiced stance. Your hands should be out in front of you, with your racket in front.

When you hit a shot, return to this position. Move back to the center and hold your racket in front of you.

This will allow you to play a forehand or backhand shot on the next shot with ease. It will also give you an equal opportunity to move to either side to hit a shot. 

​Find a Good Paddle

I always recommend using your own paddle. You want to be comfortable with your paddle and find consistency with it. Each paddle is different so switching from one to another can throw you off your game.

When choosing a paddle, invest in quality. I always recommend using your own paddle. You want to be comfortable with your paddle and find consistency with it. Each paddle is different so switching from one to another can throw you off your game.

When choosing a paddle, invest in quality. 

​Find a Good Partner

If you can find someone to practice with, you are going to get a lot more real-game experience than you would when practicing alone.

Find someone who you can practice with regularly, preferably someone who is at the same skill level as you or slightly above. You can improve together. 

​Practice Makes Perfect

That truly is the key to becoming a great player. The more you can practice, be it alone or with another player, the better you are going to get.

Check out our next section for some great training drills. 

Common Table Tennis Drills & Training

All of the drills here are based on you playing with a practice partner. You can modify the drills slightly by using a table which folds on one side to create a surface to bounce the ball off. We recommend a partner but feel free to adapt the drills as you see fit.

Before we start, I should warn you: practicing these drills will make you a better player. 


​‘X’ & ‘H’

Think about viewing a table from a bird’s eye view. That is where we are going to apply the X and H.

Player A should start by hitting the ball down the forehand side of the table.

Player B will return the ball diagonally with a backhand.

Player A will return the ball with a backhand down the backhand side of the table.

Player B will return the ball diagonally with a forehand.

From above, player A’s shots will resemble an H (with the net), and player B’s will resemble an X.

The aim here is to challenge your partner and keep them moving. Try to hit the ball just where they can reach it and keep the rally going for as long as you can — switch positions after a few rallies.

What Will You Get From This Drill?

You are going to practice your forehand and backhand shots but, more than that, you are going to get a lot of footwork practice. As you improve, play shots which force your partner to really work.

This is also a great drill for mixing up your shots. Try adding looped shots or spin if you want to slow down the ball and still challenge your opponent. 

​Crosscourt Drill

Start with only forehand shots. You must play a shot diagonally across the table into the forehand section of the table. Your opponent must return into your forehand section. Continue to play forehand shots until one of you miss.

Mix it up by switching to backhand only. You must play a crosscourt shot diagonally into your opponent’s backhand area, and they must return into yours.

What Will You Get From This Drill?

It is easy to know what is coming next with this drill so it is hard to outmaneuver your opponent. This forces you to rely on power, distance, and spin.

You cannot wrong-foot your opponent, so you need to find other ways to deceive them. A great drill to improve your shots and consistency. 

​Down The Line

Practice shooting down the line despite the distractions

Similar to the previous drill but you can only play shots into the area opposite your own. For example, you must play a shot into your opponent’s backhand area from your forehand area, and they must play a shot between those same areas. Shots are thus played straight over the net instead of diagonally.

What Will You Get From This Drill?

This drill helps you to improve your accuracy while still being able to work on your footwork. You have a smaller area to work with, so you need to plan out your shots. The drill will help your footwork by forcing you to move in a small area to hit the ball with forehand shots and backhand shots. 

​Forehand Only

Both players can only use forehand shots. The ball can be played anywhere on the table, but each player can only use their forehand.

Mix it up by having each player use only backhand shots. For expert level, have one player use only one type of shot and the other use any type of shot.

What Will You Get From This Drill?

You have to plan your shots carefully. You need to put your opponent in such a position that they leave you in a favorable position. Forcing your opponent to play a certain shot gives you the benefit of an easier shot on the return.

This drill is also amazing for your footwork. Being limited to only one type of shot means that you are going to be moving around the table a lot. Your footwork and your fitness will both improve. 

​Hit The Target

Darts Scoreboard 1

This is a great drill which can be played solo as easily as it can be played with a partner.

Take a ball and push in one side so that you can set it on the table and have it not move. Now, have your partner hit the ball to you and try to return it so that you hit the ball on the table. The ultimate goal here is to return the ball with a smash.

Track how many shots it takes to hit the ball and then switch with your partner.

What Will You Get From This Drill?

This is a perfect drill for improving the power and accuracy of your smash shots. You can hit the ball with all the power in the world, but it does not matter if you do not have the accuracy.

Move the ball around, so you get a chance to practice a variety of power shots. 

​Wrapping Up

These drills are easy to perform and will keep you on your toes (literally). The key to any successful sport is practice. The more you practice, the better you get, but that is not all. Your practice should be focused.

These drills focus on the basic aspects of the game which translate to real matches. Incorporate the drills into your practice time, and you are going to improve.

Practice, practice, and practice some more. 

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables Review

What could be better than a game of ping pong with your friends or family? How about a game of ping pong in the great outdoors? That’s right, I said it. It has never been easier to get your hands on a ping pong table which can be used indoors and out. It has also never been more af-fordable.

We love ping pong, and we know that you do too. If you are going to play, you may as well do it properly. Choosing a cheap table can save you a few dollars but the quality of play is soon going to suffer, and you are going to lose interest. The truth is that you are not going to have to spend that much more money to get your hands on a professional or tournament-grade table.

We have spent countless hours scouring the net (is this a ping pong pun? It is so bad that even I am not sure) so that you do not have to. Here are our favorite tables, starting with our number one. 


Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table - Axos 1 with Outdoor Accessory Bundle: 2 Halo 5.0 Paddles, Cover, and Balls.

Why we like it:

This is an excellent table tennis table for those who want the best. You get a lot of protection from the elements along with getting a professional table which has the correct amount of bounce for those who really want to play.


This high-quality table tennis table has been designed and crafted in Germany. Kettler has a real focus on quality and craftsmanship. They have unmatched quality and superior customer ser-vice which gives you aftercare when you need it. The frame is machine welded to create secure connections; the tubing is powder-coated to create a durable finish which is also UV-resistant. The result is a table which is going to last you longer than others.

Once the table is open, you have a regulation-sized playing surface. You can also fold one side of the table into a vertical position to allow for solo play and practice. The storage position sees both sides folded up against each other for a compact and neat storage solution. When you are in the folded or unfolded position, the safety lever will ensure that you do not accidentally fold or unfold the table without meaning to.

We like the tournament-quality bounce that you get with this table. When we compared it to other outdoor tables on the market, the bounce was a lot better. This is important if you are playing a professional game with your friends. When you are done, simply fold the table up and cover it with the protective cover. You also have two included ping pong paddles and six balls, everything you need to get started. 

Key Features


108” x 60” x 30”


2” powder-coated legs




Withstands high-impact play

Tournament-quality bounce

Patented fold for easy storage

Casters for easy transportation

Paddles included

Comes with outdoor cover



Can be difficult to assemble


JOOLA NOVA DX Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Set | All Weather Aluminum Composite Ping Pong Table for Tournament Quality Play | Indoor & Outdoor Compatible | 10 Minute Easy Assembly

Why we like it:

If you are looking for a professional table, then this is the one for you. We love how easy it is to fold up and store. It has a great bounce and feels like a professional table when you are playing on it.


You can have this table tennis table up and running in only ten minutes. From taking the table out to the box to serving up the first ball, you can have this put together quicker than you can make a cup of coffee (okay, maybe two or three cups of coffee). You only need to attach the legs, and the table is ready for use.

This is an all-weather table. We recommend covering or storing the table when it is not in use, but it will hold up to the weather if it is left out uncovered. The 6mm-thick aluminum plastic sur-face is resistant to warping when there is moisture and is resistant to chipping through regular ping pong play. The frame has been powder-coated to ensure that it does not rust.

The two-piece design means that you can fold up one side to create a solo playing experience, great for practicing, or you can fold up both sides for easy storage. The weather-resistant net matches and is easy to install and tighten. 

Key Features

Tournament quality

9ft x 5ft

95% pre-assembled

Screw and clamp net

High-quality construction


The surface is resistant to warping and chipping

Includes matching weatherproof net set

Table folds for solo play and practice

Folds for easy storage

Self-leveling works for any surface

Wheels make transport easy


Net comes loose occasionally

No cover included


Cornilleau 400M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Table Sale

Why we like it:

Great for families. The table can be securely stored and brought out when needed. Children and adults will love to play on it, and the folding mechanism makes it easy for both to set the table up and get playing.


High-quality materials have gone into the design and construction of this table. A lot of focus has also been put into the ease of use. The table is easy to fold compactly for when you need to store it. It has also been designed to be accessible for those who are in wheelchairs.

The 6mm Resin surface is excellent for resisting water and moisture. The playing surface is hard and dense, giving great bounce on your ball, and the patented finish on the surface ensures that there is no glare when you are playing. The almost 2” thick galvanized steel frame supports the surface well and also holds up to the elements. The table does not come with paddles and balls, but there are storage options built into the table.

We like the large wheels for easy portability and maneuverability. There are also corner protec-tors for added safety to you and the table itself. 

Key Features

Blue design



6mm Resin surface

Galvanized steel frame

Large wheels


Laminated surface resists moisture

The surface has glare reduction for sunny days

Large wheels make for smooth movement

Wheelchair-friendly design

Adjustable legs for leveling


No paddles or balls included

No cover included


Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table

Why we like it:

This is an excellent table for friends or family. We recommend getting this table if you have a large group of players. Great for playing tournaments on.


We love how easy it is to set up this table. If you have children, you will want to get this table set up as quickly as possible to curb the anticipation. Even without children, you will want to get this table set up as soon as possible. In only ten minutes, the table will be outside and ready to go.

You can use the table indoors if you wish, but the fact that it is weatherproof makes it perfect for your outdoor games. The surface of the table reacts well to heat and moisture, and the powder-coated frame does so too.

If you do not have a partner to play with, you can fold up one side to create a gap-free practice game. The second half folds up easily for compact storage, the wheels making it easy to roll the table in and out of storage. 

Key Features



Powder-Coated frame

Vibrant blue design

147 pounds


Easy to move and store

Wheels lock for permanent positioning

Table folds together for low-footprint storage

The surface is moisture resistant and won't bubble

One side folds for solo play and practice

Set up in ten minutes for almost instant play


No included paddles or balls

No cover included


Cornilleau - 250S Crossover Outdoor Table - Grey

Why we like it:

A great entry-level table tennis table for all of the family. If you are looking for something which is affordable but not cheap, then this is the table.


This is an affordable choice if you are looking for a table which can be used outdoors and in-doors. There is no cover included, but that does not matter if you are wheeling it in and out of your home. The table folds up compactly, and the large wheels allow you to move the table around with ease.

The sun can get in the way just as much as the rain can when you are outdoors, but the patented soft-mat finish will reduce the glare and reflections, allowing you to play without interruptions (or anyone blaming the weather on a lost point).

The net is fully adjustable so that you can get a perfect tension before you play. When we tried this table, we also found that the bounce was surprisingly good for a table which was so afforda-ble. 

Key Features

5mm laminated surface

For indoor or outdoor use



Galvanized frame


Glare reduction for sunny days

Powder-coated frame reduces rust

Large wheels make moving the table easy

Hard surface for great bounce


Weather-resistant net included


No cover included

No corner protectors

Best Ping Pong Paddles

Best Ping Pong Paddles Review

Playing ping pong is a wonderful activity.

Not only do you get some exercise but there is nothing quite like the satisfaction which you get from that simple connection of paddle and ball. There is something about the noise which makes it joyful. 

Can it compare to anything else? The knock of a ball on a ball when you are playing pool, perhaps? For us, the light thunk of a ball on a paddle makes Ping Pong worthwhile. Of course, there is a multitude of reasons beyond this, but we like the noise (we should calm down and stop talking about ping Pong noises).

Now, we are not saying that a great paddle will give you the best noises, but we are saying that a great paddle can improve your game significantly. If you have ever played with a stock ping pong table paddle and then tried a professional paddle, you will know that there really is no com-parison. A great paddle will generate more speed, better spin, and a lot more control.

We have scoured the deepest reaches of the internet so that you do not have to do the grunt work. Starting with our favorite, we have some of the best ping pong paddles available. Let’s serve up the first (sorry!)


STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket with Carbon Technology for Tournament Play

Why we like it:

This is a racket for anyone who is serious about ping pong. If you are a professional or have hit a plateau in your game, then you need this racket.


This is the best ping pong paddle which you can invest in. If you are serious about im-proving your ping pong game, then this racket will help you do just that. The interior of the racket is 6-ply wood for a light yet strong experience. The ultra-light balsa wood helps you to generate more power by being able to generate more speed in your shot. You will also find that your reac-tion time is quickened now that you are able to wield the racket with more speed.

Two layers of carbon help to add rigidity to the paddle without adding weight. This added strength gives you more power in your shots and also gives the racket more durability, meaning it last for a long time before you need to invest in a new one. 2mm sponge and premium rubber combine on the outside to give you control and precision. You are able to add a lot of spin and control to your shots.

We like the specially engineered concave handle. It helps to absorb the vibrations and transfer them out of the handle instead of through the blade. When you are hitting shots, the vibrations in the racket are not going to affect the direction of the ball, giving you even more precision.

This is the best racket which you will find, giving you amazing speed, lots of spin, and a good amount of control on every shot.

Key Features


Professional grade

Carbon technology

7-ply blade


Lightweight for better speed

Lots of spin and control

Carbon technology adds power to your shot

Rigid and responsive

Concave handle




Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle Professional Racket - Table Tennis Racket with Carrying Case – ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play

Why we like it:

This is a great racket for all players, novices and experts alike. your level of skill does not matter; you are going to find your game improved when you use this racket.


This is a great racket. You get a lot of speed from this table tennis racket while still being able to maintain control over all of your shots and generate loads of spin. The pure wood at the heart of this racket gives the racket rigidity and strength.

This means that the racket is going to last over time, and it also means that you are going to be able to generate a lot of power. The rubber coat-ing transfers this power into the ball while still giving you the finesse to add control and spin to your power shots. This is a racket which is going to improve the overall game of any player. The racket is especially good at creating backspin on the ball.

We like the additional carry case. Not only is it perfect for protecting the racket but it can be hung too. You can use the carry case for protection during transit or to store it over long periods of time.

We like the balanced feel of this racket. When it is in your hand, it feels like an extension of yourself. 

Key Features

Spin: 93

Speed: 99

Control: 90

Storage case

2mm rubber coating


Helps to improve all your ping pong skills

5 layers of wood for rigidity


Lightweight for more speed

Combined spin and control




Butterfly Zhang Jike Box Set Shakehand Table Tennis Racket / China Series / Racket and Case Set Named After The 2-Time World Champion / Recommended For Intermediate Level Players

Why we like it:

This is a great racket for an intermediate player who has hit a plateau. If you find that your shots are not improving, then you need to move up to a quality racket. This racket will give you the perfect blend of speed and control.


Zhang Jike is a two-time world champion and also won gold at the summer games in London, winning silver at the Rio games. This table tennis racket comes fully endorsed by Zhang Jike, so you know that you are getting a quality piece of equipment. This racket is rated at 92.5 for speed, 87.5 for spin, and 55 for control. This is a balanced racket which will allow players to fo-cus on their play. You get a lot of speed and spin while being able to maintain a lot of control be-tween the two.

We like the shake hand grip in this racket, with the flared bottom. It has a natural feel which will flow through into your shots. The rubber on the faces of the paddle is ITTF-approved, giving you the best shots possible. We also like the case which comes with this racket. It will protect your racket but, much more than that, it has space for multiple rackets; great for tournament play. 

Key Features

Zhang Jike endorsed

5-ply wood

Reinforcing carbon fibers

Comes with gift box

Racket case


Endorsed by a two-time world champion

Carbon is light and fast

Flextra rubber for all-round play

A balance of speed and spin

The case can carry multiple rackets


Not as much control as others


Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle Set | 1 Table Tennis Racket | 1 Ping Pong Paddle Case | Great Add to Your Ping Pong Table | Tournament Butterfly Ping Pong Paddles | High Speed & Spin Table Tennis Set

Why we like it:

This is the perfect racket for practicing your spin. While you can generate spin with many other rackets, this one gives you greater control over it. Novices and experts will both find they can improve their game with this racket.


This racket is rated at 82 for speed, 90 for spin, and 85 for control, giving you a racket which is effective and balanced. The racket performs and looks good while doing so. The handle features yellow and black stripes which set it apart from the competition, giving it a little more style than some of the other rackets on our list. The handle also has a rounded flared design which will give you superior grip and a lot of comfort.

The Wakaba rubber on this racket is great for helping you to generate a lot of spin in every shot. The tacky rubber will hold the ball on contact, helping you to generate power while changing the spin direction of the ball.

When you buy this set, not only do you get a much-needed carry case but you also get a gift box too. The carry case will protect your racket in storage and in transit while the gift box will look great if you are gifting this item. 

Key Features


Wakaba rubber

2.1mm-thick rubber

Gift box

Carry case



Ergonomic grip for more comfortable play


Lightweight and powerful

Lots of spin

Strong and durable


Rubber not changeable


STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket Made with Approved Rubber for Tournament Play

Why we like it:

This is a great racket for anyone and everyone. It has enough quality in it to improve the game of professionals while still giving enough control for novices to be able to generate speed and spin.


This is another high-quality ping pong racket from Stiga. The surface of the blade has been hardened to generate more speed on every shot. The bonds in the rubber have also been kept tight to increase the speed and spin you can generate with each hit. When you do hit the ball, any vibrations will travel down the handle and transfer out of the racket at that point, leading to more predictability when you do hit the ball.

With 6-ply wood, 2mm sponge, and premium rubber, you have a quality racket on your hands (or in your hands). 

Key Features

Speed: 97

Spin: 94

Control: 90

2mm sponge

6-ply blade


Shock-resistant technology for better shots

Great balance


Professionals and high-quality

Tight bonds for increased speed and spin


Could be heavier


STIGA Tournament-Quality Titan Table Tennis Racket with Crystal Technology to Harden Blade for Increased Speed, 2mm Sponge and Concave Italian Composite Handle

Why we like it:

This is a great racket for beginners or intermediate players. The main thing here is control. With this racket, you are going to maintain controlled and balanced shots through your entire match.


We love the look of this racket. The stripes down the handle give an elegant and retro look which you will love to showcase. Your play, however, will not be retro.

This paddle has all the compo-nents to bring your play into the present and thrust it into the future. 5-ply wood is covered with 2mm of sponge and inverted tournament rubber. The result is a racket which is strong and light. You will find that you have more power and speed in your shots and that your reaction times are improved from the get-go.

There is a lot of ball sensitivity with this racket, allowing you to add a lot of spin while maintaining a lot of control. The blade is balanced so that you are naturally hitting clean shots every time. 

Key Features

Speed: 80

Spin: 77

Control: 82

5-ply wooden handle

2mm sponge


Concave handle for comfort

Hard blade for extra speed

ITTF-approved rubber

Balanced and even

Increased sensitivity

Light balsa wood improves reaction time


Not for professionals


STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket made with ITTF Approved Rubber for Tournament Play - Features STIGA ACS for Control and Speed

Why we like it:

This is a racket designed to improve your spin game. You are going to throw your opponents off with the spin and power you put into every shot.


We love the additional flourishes of color on this racket but, more than that, we love how well this racket plays. If you are looking for a racket to improve your spin game, then you have come to the right place. The middle veneer of wood gives your racket heart. Not only is the wood light and strong but it will also help to improve your reaction times. This is important when you are adding spin to your shots.

The blade is balanced and allows for great recovery times. Again, you are going to have time when you are taking your shot, allowing you to add that spin when you need it. The paddle will also filter the vibrations down into the handle instead of through the paddle. This added control allows you to take the shot you want to take. 

Key Features

Speed: 90

Spin: 92

Control: 89

Control: 89

Inverted rubber


ITTF-approved rubber

Light and powerful

Improves reaction times


Allows for a lot of spin

Lots of control


No carry case included


Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set - 1 Ping Pong Paddle – 1 Ping Pong Paddle Case - ITTF Approved Table Tennis Paddle - Ships in Ping Pong Racket Gift Box

Why we like it:

This is a great racket for anyone, and we would recommend it as a great gift for anyone who has begun playing table tennis. If you have just begun, then it would make the perfect gift for your-self.


We love this racket as a gift for a friend or for yourself. The paddle comes with its own carry case to protect the racket and then a gift box to contain everything. The paddle has the classic red on one side and black on the other.

The Yuki rubber is 2.1mm thick, giving you a lot of con-trol and balance in your shots. The rubber and sponge provides a spring action which will also generate power and speed when you hit the ball.

We like the protective case which comes with the paddle and recommend getting a case for any high-quality racket which you own. The carry case will cradle the paddle when not in use and protect it. 

Key Features

Ergonomic grip

2.1mm rubber

Carry case

Gift box

Red, grey, and blue


Carry case helps to protect the racket

Flared grip for more comfort

Stylish and elegant

Add spin and speed to shots

Great as a gift


The case only fits one racket

Not professional quality


Killerspin JET 200 Table Tennis Paddle, Recreational Ping Pong Paddle, Table Tennis Racket with Wood Blade, Jet Basic Rubber Grips Ping Pong Balls, Memory Box for Storage – BluVanilla

Why we like it:

This is a great paddle for beginners. You get a lot of balance from this paddle, helping you to generate lots of power and speed in every shot while still being able to add spin.


This is another paddle which makes the perfect gift for a friend or family member. There is a choice of three colors, and you get a personalized gift box with each order. Each paddle comes with a personalized memory book which has a small marker. You can use the book to keep score, track tournaments, have your friends sign the book, or add personalized messages.

More than just being a great gift, this table tennis racket will give an impressive amount of bal-ance and control. With each shot, you can generate a lot of power and speed while still adding spin to each of your shots. The handle gives you enough control to improve your reaction times, further helped by the lightness of the paddle. 

Key Features

Choice of colors

For beginners

5-ply wood

Flared handle

Personalized storage case


Flared handle gives more comfort

Taped perimeter for durability

Helps beginners to improve

Personalized gift box

Durable and tough


Not professional quality


JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle - 4 Player Pack; Pro Premium Table Tennis Racket Set; Good Spin; 8 Professional Game Balls; Accessories Racquets Bat Bundle Kit; Portable Cover Case; Indoor Outdoor

Why we like it:

You get four rackets in this set making it perfect for groups or tournaments. The rackets have a lot of quality, and the balls are ITTF-approved.


If you are looking for a set of rackets, then you have found it. This is the first of many sets on our list. Now, when you buy a set of rackets, you are not going to get multiple professionals rackets; that would cost far too much. What you get instead is a set of rackets which will have a lot of quality at an affordable price. This set comes with four rackets, two black and two red, eight balls, and a case to store everything.

The rackets have more quality than you would expect from a set. The handles are flared for comfort and control, while the rubber on the blades will help to give you a decent amount of spin and control. The rackets are also taped on the edges to prevent wear and tear of the rubber — a perfect set for multiple players. 

Key Features


Balls included

Carry case

Flared handle


For all ages

Allows for 2-4 players

Everything needed to start a game

Two colors of racket

The case protects paddles and balls


Not professional quality


Feed the Fit Ping Pong Paddle Set - Professional 4-Player Table Tennis Racket Bundle with 12 Balls and Carrying Case, Perfect Grip and Control - Great Outdoor Activity for Family, Kids and Friends

Why we like it:

We like that you get so many balls with this set as you are sure to lose some over time. We also like the quality of the set. You and your friends will love to compete with paddles of such quality.


In this set, you get four paddles and twelve balls; you also get a neat case to carry everything in. For such an affordable set, you will be blown away by the quality. Not only will you find that you can improve your game when you are practicing alone or with a friend, but you will also love how competitive your tournaments get when you play with these rackets.

The rackets are balanced for the perfect amount of speed, control, and spin. 

Key Features

4 paddles

12 balls

Carry case


Wooden blades


Enhances spin

Balanced for more control

2 colors of ball

Saves space

Long-lasting coverings



Not professional quality


STIGA Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Racket Set with Inverted Rubber for Increased Ball Control and Added Spin

Why we like it:

This is a set for those who want to have high-quality table tennis tournaments without having to spend the money on expensive rackets.


This is a tournament quality set for up to four players. We like to choose the best of the best. When it comes to sets of rackets, we are focussed on the price, but we are also focussed on the quality. The balls are ITTF-approved but, more importantly than that, the rackets are high-quality too. They rival other rackets on the market which are touted as professional-grade.

The 5-ply wood gives you a lot of control and power while the inverted rubber lets you add spin to your most powerful shots. The concave handles allow for more comfort through those long tournaments and the six balls ensure that you will always have a spare. 

Key Features

4 rackets

Two racket colors

ITTF-approved balls

6 balls included

2 ball colors



Inverted rubber for better control

Rackets help with spin


For 2-4 players


Not professional quality


NuLandings Ping Pong Paddle Set - 4 Professional Table Tennis Rackets/Paddles - 8 Premium 3-Star ITTF Standard Balls Portable Cover Case Holder - Precise Racquet Control, Speed and Spin - Bundled Kit

Why we like it:

This is an accessible kit for adults and kids, beginners and intermediate players. The rackets and balls are high-quality and will provide you with hours of fun, especially playing tournaments with friends.


This is another set which is higher quality than you would expect from a set so reasonably priced. The poplar wood middle is strong and durable. It is also lightweight, improving your reac-tion times when you are striking the ball. Covering the poplar wood is quality rubber which is eco-friendly and strong. Not only that, but it is extra-tacky too. This means you have more contact with the ball and the ability to add more spin and control to your shots — a great set for adding topspin and backspin to the ball.

The ergonomic handles are sanded and flared to provide optimum comfort for adults and kids. The included balls are tournament-standard and provide a superior bounce for a professional game every time. 

Key Features

4 rackets

Red and black rackets

8 balls

2 ball colors

Carry case



For indoor and outdoor use

Meets ITTF standards

Extra-tacky rubber for speed and control

Poplar wood for quality construction


Not professional quality


Abco Tech Ping Pong Paddle & Table Tennis Set - Pack of 4 Premium Rackets and 6 Table Tennis Balls - Soft Sponge Rubber - Ideal for Professional and Recreational Games - 2 or 4 Players

Why we like it:

We like that this set is so accessible to everyone. The balance of the racket means that even the most novice players can find good shots and enhance their game.


This set is perfect for organizing a tournament with friends or family. The flared handles are pre-cision-engineered for comfort and control. You get a superior grip when you are handling the rackets and more control when you are playing your shots. The 5.6mm overall thickness of the rackets makes this set perfect for all-around players and those who are learning the game. The soft sponge and inverted rubber give a balanced shot every time.

This is a great set for a group of players. Get some friends round and get a tournament going. 

Key Features

4 rackets

Red and black rackets

6 balls

2 ball colors

5-ply blades


Width is ideal for all-rounders

Perfect for loop strokes

Great for controlled shots

Flared handle for an ergonomic grip

Great quality for beginners


Not for professionals

Best Ping Pong Table

Best Ping Pong Tables Review

Ping pong, table tennis, even whiff-whaff.

No matter what you call the game (and believe us, there are some who call it whiff-whaff), you know that it is a joy to behold: the spin of the ball, the speed of the smash, the clock of the ball against your bat. Not only is it a fun sport to play but it is a great workout too.

There is only one problem. It costs money to rent a table and time to find a place where you can play. But, what if we told you that playing at home is now an affordable option? If you have space, then you can have your own ping pong table.

Ping pong tables have never been more affordable. We have done the hard work here so that you do not have to and have brought you some of the best from the vast reaches of the inter-web. Let’s serve up (sorry) our top choice (just below our top pick across categories).


JOOLA Rally TL - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table w/ Quick Clamp Ping Pong Net & Post Set - 10 Minute Easy Assembly - Corner Ball Holders - USATT Approved - Ping Pong Table w/ Playback Mode, 15mm, Charcoal, Model:11131

Why we like it:

This is an excellent table for anyone who wants the best of the best. If you are looking for a pro-fessional-grade table, then this is the one which you need to get.


This is a professional table tennis table. When you have it set up, you will notice the quality. When you play on this table, you are playing on the same quality of table that the pros are play-ing on during their tournaments. The best part? It only takes ten minutes to set the table up. Once the table is delivered, you just need to attach the legs, and you are ready to go. The net is also easy to attach too. It connects to the table with a clamp giving you control over the tension of the net: no more loose or dipping nets.

We like the ball holders at the corner of the table. At some point, a ball is going to bounce into a spot where you cannot get to it. Instead of storing your balls on a nearby surface, you can store twelve balls in your table. No more balls rolling away.

If you do not have a partner to play with or want to practice solo, you can switch one side of the table to be vertical for a playback position to hone your game. You can also adjust the bottom of the legs to ensure that your playing surface is perfectly flat. 

Key Features

Tournament quality

95% pre-assembled

5/8-inch thick surface

Corner ball holders

Abacus scorer

8 wheels for movement


Easy to set up

Tough and long-lasting

Level playing surface for even bounce

Easy net attachment and detachment

Compact and space-saving storage


Heavy and big



JOOLA Inside - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table with Quick Clamp Ping Pong Net and Post Set - 10 Minute Easy Assembly - Ping Pong Table with Single Player Playback Mode

Why we like it:

If you want a professional table, without needing to own the best there is, then this is a great choice.


This is a great table for anyone who is serious about table tennis. It may not be as high-quality as the number one table on our list, but it is still a professional-grade table. Again, you can be play-ing a game of table tennis in only ten minutes. Once the table has been delivered, you just need to attach the legs, and you are ready to go. You can play with a partner or fold up one half of the table to practice with a solo game.

The bottom of the legs, which are rubber and will not scratch your floor, are completely adjusta-ble, allowing you to level your table even if the floor is not level. The net clamps to the table, en-suring that you have a level net as well as a level table. 

Key Features

Tournament quality

9 x 5 foot

95% pre-assembled

5/8-inch thick surface

8 wheels for transport


Ten minute set up time

Easy to install and use

Level play for a better bounce

Easy to store and move

Solo play mode



No ball storage


Killerspin MyT10 Folding Ping Pong Table| Adjustable Indoor Competition Table Tennis Table with 1” Top and Storage Pockets| Tournament Quality Construction, ITTF Standard| BiancoPure (White)

Why we like it:

This is an excellent table for anyone who wants a professional grade table but also wants some-thing which looks a little different. You can opt for the classic green, but we recommend trying the white.


This is another excellent table tennis table. You get a professional-grade table, the same level of quality that you will find at table tennis tournaments, without having to shell out an arm and a leg for it. The 1-inch thick playing surface is a lot thicker than other tables on the market and gives you superior bounce and durability. Setting up is easy, and you can quickly move the table on its wheels or fold one half up for solo play.

We like the storage options for table tennis paddles and balls. Lots of tables have ball storage, but not many have a place for your paddles too. The room for both is built into the frame. 

Key Features

Tournament quality

1” playing surface

Storage for paddles and balls

Folding frame

8 wheels for mobility

Brakes on four wheels


It looks unlike a regular table tennis table

Level playing surface

Durable and sturdy

Solo playback mode

Easy to fold, store, and move


Harder to keep clean



Butterfly Centrefold 25 Ping Pong Table—Indoor Rollaway Game Table—ITTF Approved Table Tennis Table for Tournaments, Clubs, Homes, Institutions—Professional Ping Pong Net Included—No Assembly

Why we like it:

This is a great table for a family. You do not need a lot of space as it can be stored easily so you can move it in and out of storage at will.


We love how easy this table is to fold up and store. With a simple design, you are able to fold each half into a vertical position and bring those two halves together. The wheels then allow you to roll the folded table into your storage area. The large rubber wheels will not damage your floor as you move the table and they can be locked when you are playing a game of table tennis. The adjustable feet also allow you to find a level playing surface even if your floor is not.

This is a tournament-ready table. The 1-inch playing surface will give you a great feel when you are playing the game, and the surface is totally scratch-proof. 

Key Features

Professional-grade table

1-inch playing surface

Strong and durable frame

4 large wheels

Adjustable feet


Thick playing surface for great bounce

Quality design for better ply

Surface is scratch-proof

Easy to set up and get playing

Easy to move and store

Folds to a compact shape


May need two people to move

No solo play


STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table for Authentic Play at Regulation Height with a Scaled Down Size for Easy Storage

Why we like it:

This is a great table tennis table for a family. It is an affordable option, for what you get, and will be great for kids to learn on before moving to a larger table. It is also an excellent option for any-one who does not have a lot of space. This will fit perfectly in an apartment of a man cave.


This is the perfect table tennis table if you do not have a lot of space in your home. When the table is set up, it is not as large as a professional table. You do not need to clear out as much room to get a game going. When the table is folded up, you can store it almost anywhere. Once you have compacted the table, you will be surprised just how small it folds.

The table may be small but do not let that fool you; it is still extremely powerful. It may not be tournament sized, but it is still large enough to get a great game going. The leg levelers will help you to level your table, no matter how uneven your floor is, and the steel apron ensures that the surface never sags. The levelers have also been created to protect your floors, even if there is movement. You can have lots of fun without worrying about scratches. 

Key Features

Compact table

71” x 40.5” x 30”

Regulation height net

Adjustable feet

5/8-inch surface


Does not need a lot of space for setting up

Can be stored with a minimal footprint

Easy to fold

No assembly required

Level playing surface

Rubber feet protect floors


No wheels for transport

No storage options for balls or paddles


Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table

Why we like it:

We would recommend this to a couple or family. This is a larger table so might not be the best for young children to learn on.


We love the vibrant look of this table tennis table. Not only does the bright blue with white lines make it easy to track when the ball has not struck the correct area, but it also grants you a color scheme which will look great inside and outside of your home. The table may not be tournament grade, but it is full-size. The set up is easy, taking only ten minutes to get it from the box to play-ing condition, and the net stretches extremely tight to give a professional game.

The table is weatherproof, so you do have the option of taking it outside to play. Imagine your summer garden parties with this beauty on your lawn! If you do not have a partner to play with, the table easily folds up to be put into storage. You can also fold up one half of the table to allow for solo play and practice.

The sturdy wheels make this an easy table to move when the need arises, and those wheels can be locked in place when you are playing. The nets are durable; the surface is durable, the frame is durable. This is a table which is going to last you a long time. 

Key Features

108” x 60” x 30”

8 wheels

148 pounds



Folds up for storage

Wheels make it easy to transport

Vibrant colors and lines for easy to monitor gameplay

Solo play available

Set up in ten minutes or less

Stylish and elegant


No ball storage

Might need two people to move it


Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Green 7' Pockey Multi-Game Table - Air Hockey, Billiards and Table Tennis - Burgundy

Why we like it:

Great for large families or just for kids. The three in one option will keep children occupied for a long time, and the table tennis table has enough quality for adults to enjoy it too.


This is not your classic table tennis table, but it is not trying to be. With this table, you get three games in one: table tennis, billiards, and hockey. With a flip of the table or an added surface, you can transition from one game to the next. This may not be the best table tennis table for adults, but kids are going to love the three options in one. It is also a smaller-sized table making it perfect for smaller children.

The table comes with all the accessories which you need, including paddles and balls. The bounce you get from the table also rivals that of a professional table. 

Key Features

Tri-fold surface

Hockey, billiards, and table tennis

80” x 44” x 32”

268 pounds

1-year warranty


Offers a variety of games other than table tennis

Upright locking for easy storage

Comes with accessories

Storage options for paddles and balls

Lots of fun for adults and children


Smaller table

Not professional-grade