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Darts | Improve your Game | Guides, Reviews and practical tips


Is there a better feeling than that hitting a triple twenty?

The quick release of the dart, the feeling that "yes, this is a perfect throw" and under a second later the proofs there - you just scored 60 points.

We think that's hard to beat

We love to shot darts and we love to see others improve.

Whether that's through getting a new steel tip darts (that'll really improve your consistency) or just want to get better with what you already have, we've got you covered below.

Darts – The Ultimate Guide
The Definitive Guide to Mastering Darts This is the ultimate guide to the beautiful game of Darts. In this guide,[...]
Best Steel Tip Darts
The best darts players in the world use the best darts in the world. It does not matter which dart[...]
Best Soft Tip Darts
When it comes to playing darts, there is nothing more important than the board and the darts. One thing which[...]
Best Electronic DartBoard
A dartboard can elevate any room (or any man cave) to the next level. Imagine inviting your friends over for[...]
Best Dartboard Cabinet
We love to play darts. The thing about darts is that it is an easy game for anyone to start[...]
Best Dartboard
How many of us have dreamed of becoming professional darts players? Come on, hands up; I know I have. Was[...]
Best Dart Backboard
If you are anything like I am as a darts player, you probably have a thousand or so tiny holes[...]